Sugar Skulls for Halloween

Sugar Skulls For Halloween

sugar skull Halloween 2017
Sugar skull for Halloween




Here I am with one of my favorite parts of the Halloween gift bag.

I started out by making some ghosts because I thought they would be cute. As it turns out I think they look … not so great. I gave it a few days and I was struck with inspiration. Vivi’s school does a day of the dead celebration ( we live in a heavy Hispanic community) so why not do some Sugar skull type of decorations.

ghost pop
Sad attempt at a ghost pop


Now, yes I know, Halloween and Day of the dead ( Dia De Los Muertos) is not at all the same thing. They are two different holidays on two different days. Sugar skulls are a very big part of Day of the Dead.


For Halloween, death is something of fear. We see scary costumes and it’s just a general month where, for those who enjoy it, want to be scared.


Day of the Dead is where people celebrate death. Huffington post kind of has a short run down if you want to read up a little.

But the reason I want to use it in the gift bags is because they don’t look as bad as my attempt at ghosts and the color options are fun. Plus, it can get the kids thinking about it when they will be learning about Dia de los Muertos a few days later.


What I used

  • Coffee filters
  • Blow pops
  • Ribbon
  • Gel pens, markers, my cactus pen

    coffee filter
    coffee filter



I wish I had decided to do these earlier, I bought the box of 100 blow pops. It sort of sucks when you literally did about 50 before you get as creative as I did. I enjoyed doing the ones that I did and I am looking forward to seeing Vivi getting her turn at them.


What do you think? Let me know. I know I’m pretty stoked.

sugar skull pop
Sugar skull pops

16 thoughts on “Sugar Skulls for Halloween

  1. This is such a creative idea! And it’s easy (I love when it’s easy ^^)! Keeping this in mind for the upcoming Halloween!

  2. The skull bag is actually pretty cute and creative. You don’t even have to spend money on decorative bags and I believe kids will have fun making these bags and faces too!

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