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Don’t Forget to Love Yourself Too

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It’s Valentines Day.  Whether or not you have that one specific person to celebrate with, you should remember to Love Yourself too.

 Your perspective on yourself can effect your perspective on everything around you. You can’t achieve your goals or even set them if you don’t feel it for yourself.

It truly starts with you. How can you be all the things you would want for someone else if you yourself don’t have them. Loving yourself gives you the building blocks of loving others.

Be the support you need. Be the person who cheers you on. Be the person that loves to look in the mirror. Your opinion matters most and everyone else is secondary. Whether or not you are in that perfect relationship with someone else. make sure that you’re in that perfect relationship with yourself too. If, right now you’re not feeling 100% about yourself, think you’re feeling that way. See what you can change. You would be surprised at what happens next.

That person the mirror is amazing. That person can handle anything. You can do anything. You are important. You deserve love.  You matter. You are strong. You are worth it.

If you aren’t saying any of these things on a regular then change that. Start saying these things. Believe these words.

It’s not wrong to feel good about yourself. People like people who have a positive outlook on themselves.

When was the last time you were with one who you could just tell hated themselves? was it a fun time? was there lots on sighs or just overall bad comments?  Who wants to be that person? Be the person people want to spend time with.  We all have those days that suck and sometimes it will be hard. Just remember everything that we talked about.

How do you show yourself you love you? list some tips; make a suggestion in the comments.

4 thoughts on “Don’t Forget to Love Yourself Too

  1. Hey, love this.

    Here are mines,

    1. I buy myself chicken and coffee.
    2. I blog for my own good so I will not be angry all the time and to stop myself from posting it on facebook.
    3. I promote my own work.
    4. I dress nice everyday.
    5. I have my hair done daily so, it would not look reckless.

    Etcc. …I could name plenty of things. You just made me realize a lot.
    Thanks for posting.

  2. I feel good about:
    Blogging – my Aussie travel blog helps promote some of Australia’s best hidden secrets
    Reading – I read books that stimulate, entertain and and educate me
    Eating – probably don’t need to explain this one, haha!

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