My First 5k

My First 5k


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My first 5k

Here we are October 14, 2017. Exactly one week after my first official 5k. Thank the calendar for it been an exact week after instead of the day off. My first worry was that it would rain. We had pretty great weather that day. Today, however, is a great day to write about it since it will probably be non-stop storms all day.


Background Information


I hated running. I would clean my entire apartment before I would think about running. Just the thought of all the dirty nooks and crannies that haven’t been attended to would make my heart race. That seemed like cardio enough.

That was before


Summer was when I did my first 5k, unofficially. I was told the day before to take the place of my Mother-n-law. She had a 5k herself. She has completed a few before but her health has started to make her human and she is realizing some limitations. So I agreed, I always had the excuse that I would sign up for my own race when I was prepped and ready but when I said yes, I realized I wasn’t getting myself ready for anything.

I took her place and I was hooked. There is something about beating strangers that is really motivating. If I can establish a PR (Personal Record) that is a lot better then the lady on crutches, then I’m golden.   My Un-official/Official PR was 40:50. That medal was also something I was getting a tingly feeling over too. It showed my accomplishments. It was my earn into the active world. I wanted more. I wanted my own. Plus I got paranoid about it being very frowned upon to run as someone else. The reasons make sense so I’ll comply and do things officially. After the soreness settle I started my daily miles(1-5 miles), getting ready for when Id compete again.


International 5k

I instantly wanted to sign up for a bunch of different 5ks. One of the biggest factors that went into deciding was what the medal looked like. Sad, yes but everyone has their reasons. I wanted to stay local. Chicago is the general area. Plus the medals are cool. The magnificent Mile is a gorgeous course and gorgeous medal. The Ditka Dash also looked fun. I’m not really into football but the shirts looked cool. I decided to do another one with family. The International 5k was it. The husbands’ uncle is the real runner. He had raised countless amounts for diabetes awareness. His feet and his wings have seen countless amounts of miles. 5k, 10k, 15k, half and full marathons. This guy has seen it all. It’s very inspirational, except the marathon. Marathon runners are crazy! Buzzfeed made a fun raction video and Tech Inside broke down the science.

I found out you have to pay to run. It makes sense because your fee overs a lot of things. A medal, we get scarfs, a refuel bag that had water, gatorade and a protein bar and an apple. With all of this it still kind of sucks, but we had registered early enough for it to be the cheapest. A good thing that was provided was my bib ( my number and tracker) was mailed to me. I didn’t have to go to the expo for it. Often it costs a considerable amount to get your bib mailed to you.


The Course

Chicago International 5k 2017
My Chicago International 2017 Course

The course above was captured using my Run Fitness22 app but you can see the official course here. A bunch of people crowd in an area that you feel is most comfortable by pace. It started at Adams Street  at 7:30 and ended around museum campus grounds. Running in the street is pretty cool, I was way to focused to take any cool pictures plus my phone screen is cracked and I didn’t want to drop it on the course (but I did anyway).

My end time was 37:50. I really was hoping of anytime less then 40:50 but I was slightly disappointed in the time. There was consistency for two miles but lost it a little after that. I could have push myself more but I didn’t. This makes me want to be better for my next 5k, which I’ve signed up for. (Hot Chocolate 5k, on October 29th)

Have you had tried doing a 5k? Are you a seasoned runner? What’s the best part you’ve experience? What’s the worst?




21 thoughts on “My First 5k

  1. This is such a great racing event. It looks like you are having so much fun. I’ve never tried to join racing but it seems so much fun.I loved to try this.

  2. Congratulations on your first 5K and I am still thinking to go for one though all the while have been doing with kids only. All the best for your next one in October.

    1. thank you! yeah, if it wasn’t for that push before then I might not have even discovered my feelings for it

  3. Congratulations on your first big run! I think you are being really hard on yourself for not feeling pleased that you beat your initial goal BUT maybe its not a bad thing if it spurs you on for your next one. You should still be pleased with yourself, its a big leap to take! I really want to get into running but the last time I did it I injured my shins pretty bad.. I guess now I am a bit scared!

    1. thank you! I did beat it and it really is more of a motivation. I think I would find a fear in any run but you won’y know until its over.

    1. Thanks! its crazy how much a marathon runner pushes themselves. it still think they are crazy. even seasons runners can hurt themselves.

  4. Just doing a 5K is an accomplishment. I have not done one before although it is something I would enjoy doing at some point. Congrats!

    1. Thank you. the swag was def enough to keep me coming back. Check out my results when I finish the Hot Chocolate 5k

  5. Congrats on this accomplishment! I just started working out regularly and transitioning from “power walker” to “jogger” earlier this year. Today was the first day I ran a full mile on the treadmill without stopping. I’ve got a ways to go to a 5k but I’ll get there!

    1. I used to hear how good it feels. ” The runners high” i don’t think i get that still but it really feels good to go down the miles knowing there is just a little bit left. Keep going!

  6. Congratulations! This is so encouraging for everyone to give something like this a try! I have never done anything like this but I hope in the future I can give it a try if there is one in my city. Great article and thanks for sharing all of the wonderful photos.

  7. I haven’t did a 5k in over 20 years. Every year I say I’ll do it again, but once’s my friends give up it a prefect excuse for me. It only my list for next year. This time I’m more determined after reading your post. It was a great experience the last time I did a 5k

    1. Get back in there. its a cool experience and I’m sure it will stay just as fun as you remembered.

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