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Has the thought of building a website been bubbling around in your head lately? Have you been pinning, daily all thoughts that come with having your own website? Thinking is about it is free and often easy. I will talk about how I came to own my very own site.


Where to go


You can try any number of free hosting sites or hosting sites whose fee ranges. you really should check all potential prospects with a fine tooth comb. I personally went straight for a hosting site that would give me the most options. so I chose Bluehost because they were the best price with the best options. Through weeks of research, I have found a few differences between a ‘free web hosting ‘site and a paid one.

  • limititaions
  • The amount of control
  • Professional look
  • Support

What you’re looking for



: You are limited to who you can affiliate with. With “free” hosting sites they have to make money some how so they may puts ads on your website. It wouldn’t even matter if said advertisement was going against what you have on your page. Imagine praising Pepsi and then seeing a bunch of Coca Cola on the sides. You also wouldn’t be getting paid for these ads.



: I have heard horror stories of people losing years of work in an instant. Very few were able to recover there work. The process was said to have been daunting and just plain terrible. This was definitely a factor that weighted in when I was thinking of going into paying for my site.

(*Update* I recently had a huge problem with my entire site. One of my plugins made everything invisible, which meant no one would see anything. I couldn’t see any of my content. I was able to recover everything and have things back to the way things were in less then 15 minutes.)



: Putting it simply it just doesn’t look professional. Your sire would read: When going through a paid site. It would just read how I have my site. No dot anything just dot com.


No Support

: the things I would hear are , E-mails go unanswered, calls are put on hold, chat doesn’t work. I, personally, thought I was prepared enough but I was glad that, when I did finally seek help that it wasn’t hard to get. Bluehost has a chat center. Sometimes the wait time is a bit long but I am usually doing more then one thing at once so it really doesn’t affect me as much. The chat center either gives you the answer directly or gives major arrows in the direction you need to find the answer yourself.

If you do decide to go with paying for web hosting and you’re looking around, try Bluehost. one major plus is that I would have to say that I do like about it is that they offer domain privacy, which means that your private information is protected. Spammers and Hackers wouldn’t get information like home address and phone number, private E-mail, along with other very valuable information. What these scum buckets would see is Bluehost information.


Free web hosting really wouldn’t ever be free. Making things to their full potential will cost. You might even pay more in the long run. Think of how when you went with the cheap cell phone plan to try and save money but then had to pay way more at the end of the month because you went over your limit.




You can start your blog with  for as little as $3.45 a month ·. It’s definitely worth it.

if you have any questions, feel to ask. and feel free to check me out if you haven’t.




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