Bridget Jones Baby (2016)

Bridget Jones Baby




Loose Synopsis


This is the third installment of Ms. Bridget Jones life. We lost a major character and gain another. Everyone’s still in her life and has the same involvement.  Tis time around she has a new friend to accompany her more adult life. As you can guess, she is pregnant! We get to go on her unique pregnancy journey and of course she gets to have two men to compete for her love.



I absolutely loved this movie. I have had great affection for the first two movies so I didn’t think this would have been any different. I did like the second one, I’m sure I don’t have too many supporters on that. Everything about Jones is amazing, wobbly bits, present or otherwise. I thought this film was funnier then the second and maybe even funnier then the first. I was worried about how loosing such a major character was going to effect things but it didn’t. It’s a must watch in my opinion.





  • Patrick Dempsey/ Jack Qwant did a very good job.
  • Jokes are great
  • We see a different side of Mr. Mark Darcy/ Colin Firth


  • No Hugh Grant/ Daniel Cleaver
  • We see a different side of Mark Darcy and that kind of makes me rethink things.


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