Boost Your Page Views

Boost your Page views

boost pageviews

First of all I just want to say that I’m geeking out. I have been in the blogging business for well over a year and I am just now seeing the progress. I won’t lie, I wasn’t focused and I have no one to blame but myself. But I boosted up my page views and now I have a new wave of confidence.

In April I had such a low amount of page views, I dipped down from march and I was not happy. I had tons of determination to find out how to get my views up higher. It happened! I went from 150 page views to over 1000!


What I did

I saw major improvement when I joined facebook groups. Facebook groups are groups on facebook that help boost your accounts. You can find a group for anything. Instagram, Blog booster, Twitter, are amoung the few. Certain groups will have certain days for what type of interaction you will be doing.


These groups are great because they get your page (which ever it may be) out there. People come see your stuff and you get to find something interesting along the way.


What’s next?


This month, I want to focus more on other outlets. Posting on twitter, and Instagram is something I want to focus more on since when I did post on these outlets, I did see some results.


Goals for June


Have at least 6 posts

Gain 60 more followers on Instagram

Tweet more

Double page views


Pintrest is also something I want to focus more on, it has been proven by many other bloggers to be a big impact on their overall success.

Do you have any tips? I would love to hear about them. Was this helpful? Leave a comment below.

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