About Me

Hi, I am Kristina

this is my ” About me”

I’m a person, first and foremost, I am a mother, I am a wife Im a cinephile (I watch a ton of movies and I buy a ton of movies). Foods are something I like to be different with, suggest something to try. This lady right here is ambitious and lazy. I have no clue what I want to do with myself.

I’ll make mistakes and I’ll learn Lessons. Im determined to be the better person, mother, wife, foodie, watcher. I have intent of adding to my list of self identity. There is hope that I can one day Inspire others to be more. I want to show the more of life. I want to see the more in life.  To show others that it’s ok that things aren’t perfect.

Hopefully, I won’t suck but I know ill have days, weeks,months were I do. Learn with me, laugh with me, let me try that annoying thing first, so if it’s terrible you won’t have to.

My Happenings

Right at this moment, as far at the school year goes, I am a parent mentor. I take part in my child’s school’s first parent organization in about 15 years. It’s a pretty big deal. I had no idea that so much work would be involved but I often feel like i do not do enough. Someone often comes along and tells me I do make an impact. Both of these organizations are about the students and about the school which I love. There is so much to learn

I catechist at my church,  which gets my class ready for their confirmation into the church.  I, however, don’t believe all of what many people think that the church teaches and I also don’t believe in many of what the church actually teaches. As far as I know, this is me.


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Much love,