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Water Wipes Review

Water Wipes Review

water wipes review

I received this sample of Water wipes in the mail. It was a free sample that I had received through Influenster. If you’re unaware of Influenster is then youre missing out! It’s a completely free community of people that test products, gives out reviews of things they absolutely love and all the reasons why they hate a particular product that ranges from tech to beauty to food. One Major benefit is that you are the ability to get free samples. I was lucky enough to receive the waterwipes voxbox (that’s what the cool free sample boxes are called; Voxbox)


What are they?

Water wipe are wipes said to be 100% chemical free. Saying something is a weird statement. I don’t know what isn’t made out of chemicals. I think it really just refers to preservatives. It is made out of 0.1% grapefruit seed extract and 99.9% water.


The Review

They smell very similar to the Pampers wipes. It has that mildly familiar unscented smell that many things have.

They indeed are wet. All you have to do is just flip and squeeze the package around and its suppose redistribute the water, which is ok I guess.

When I received these wipes. I was presented with the perfect opportunity to use them on a rough baby bottom. Lore sometimes is a little sensitive and I was able to use these with ease, which is a HUGE plus.

Like with I’m pretty sure all things, they have an expiration date and you also have to use the within 4 weeks of opening them. If you have little ones then this is very do able.


The Price

I looked up the price of the water wipes and it’s kind of expensive. has them for $23.72 for a box of 9. which contains 60 wipes in each package.



After a while I was considerably less impressed with the wipes. I don’t think I would pay the price for them in real life. I really like the idea that they only contain two ingridents. The expiration date from opening isn’t hard because I would use them every day. The wipe count is kind of an ok number. Many contain a range of 50-64 wipes or possibly less so it’s not a big deal. It did prove itself on my baby for being sensitive to skin, which is actually a big plus.


What do you think? Would you get these? Is “chemical free” something you’re trying to do more in your life? Was this review helpful?



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  1. No kiddies here, but um, I would totally get these for me – I like to use them for all over body use when I feel gross and sticky and dirty but…. Am wayyyy to lazy to shower – LOL!

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