get to Stepping

Starting anything is easy. Like anything else worth making great takes a lot of work. Late hours filled with constant trial and error. Sweat, tears and blood going into it. I, myself, second-guess all of my work. I hardly ever feel like something is worth posting. It takes a long time for me to feel… Read More get to Stepping


EyeBuyDirect   First off I would like to say Hi. Hi!! Second, I want to say there is a website I have become a huge fan of. If you didn’t already guess, it’s I had the best experience with them. First, I was very skeptical but the more I had gone to actual stores… Read More EyeBuyDirect


Mommy Donations

  Here is a look at a page I thought was special: Mommy Donations This page is dedicated to mother helping mothers. How it works is someone posts on the facebook an item, usually baby related, up to give away. All the donations are free, thus the word donation. If someone is interested in an… Read More Mommy Donations