Words of Praise

I have had a wonderful first week. I have the opportunity to be a program called “ Parent Mentors” at my Daughters school. What is this program? We, the parents, have the ability to be part of one classroom for a few hours a week and help the children learn a little more efficiently. Something… Read More Words of Praise

few words


from the words of Lorelai Gilmore this is very fitting because, it definitely makes me realized I have done no where near what I have wanted to do with my site.

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The Little Prince

I had a lovely afternoon with my two favorite girls. We had a busy day of worksheets and had lunch. We headed to our go to for easy entertainment and popped on a movie. We watched The Little Prince (2015). It is definitely, hands down, amazing. I had the book. The Little Prince (click on the picture… Read More The Little Prince