Make Money While You ShopKick


Make Money Shopping
Make Money while you shop

*  With ShopKick  I do get a tiny something for referrals. I would not promote something I didn’t think was absolutely awesome.


Lets just jump right into it. I am such a fan of ShopKick! It’s a mobile that allows you to earn points towards various types of rewards.


The way it ShopKick works


  • You earn kicks by walking in to select stores with app running
  • Scan select items for different amounts of kicks
  • Buying advertised products followed by picture of your receipt
  • Kicks for dollars spent at select stores
  • Sometimes there’s bonus kicks for scanning items of a certain brand
  • Watching commercials in app for products earns kicks


Walk-in kicks are the easiest to obtain. You have to have the app open while walking into stores. Some of these stores include Target, Wal-Mart, and Best Buy just to name a few. Not all stores have walk-in kicks. If you’re feeling lazy have someone with you so they can get out of the car. Please don’t abandon your car for kicks!!!


Scanning for kicks is available in most of the stores advertised in the app. My husband and I have tons of fun going around the store trying to find all the items to scan. It’s kind of like a scavenger hunt. Sometimes you can find everything but there are times where you can only get a few items.


Several stores give you kicks that depend on how much you spend. They don’t have to necessarily be the items that you scanned for. It can be anything.

Potentially, you can get 1-5 kicks per dollar spent. This is an easy way to rack up kicks. For example, my husband bought a new desktop from BestBuy and it was 5 kicks per dollar that day, the total was about $600. That was an easy 3000 points!


Receipt purchases are called KickBate. Scan your receipt that have certain items listed in the app. It will take a few days for processing. Please make sure your receipt can be read clearly, otherwise there is no point.

Redeeming kicks


Lastly, after you have met your goal, which you can see by your tracker, you can get your ideal reward. I had just redeemed my reward of 25 dollars (6,250 kicks) at Best Buy.

  • Most of these items are redeemed through your app. A few items would be sent to you. Such items include like a Gas card or a Tiffany’s gift card (yes, that Tiffany’s)


I still can’t enough about how much I love this app. It is so fun!Download the app today and get $2 to get started.



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