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La La Land (2016) Review

La La Land


My husband has been waiting for this day sinceRogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) came out on April.  2016 was a big movie year for us as we had several movies last year  and the only one he was extremely excited about buying was La La Land. even as I type this, he is playing “City Of Stars”

There is so many things to like about this but I don’t think I liked it quite as much as he did. **** He does give a lot away in his review but I don’t think it can really compare to actually watching it.  There is some spoilers, so read with discretion.

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La La Land (2016)

La La Land (2016)

“City of Stars”


La La Land is about a jazz pianist falls for an aspiring actress in L.A. It’s Their love is tested through failure and success. Fighting for their love while trying to reach and not lose sight of their dreams. Trying not to lose each other.

The Review

When I first saw the trailer for this film I was instantly excited. Personally I’m not a fan of musicals but I am a fan of romance. The opening number wasn’t bad, it felt a bit to long. I also felt the missing presence of Emma and Ryan didn’t let the song reach its full potential.

The next number we find Mia (Emma Stone) right at the center. This song really sets up who her character is and sets up her personality for us. For an actress she had a pretty good voice. It wasn’t a singers voice but it was still impressive.

We finally get to meet Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) and we meet him struggling.  One instance is we see him get fired from his job, on Christmas. He was fired for playing an original piece, which turns out to be his and Mia’s theme song.

The piece is beautiful and captivating. This scene really sets up Sebastian’s struggle, its vital to the rest of the film and to the characters relationship. We see Sebastian sing solo on “City of Stars”. The song itself was great and I catch myself listening to it from time to time. Ryan’s singing isn’t too great. You can hear the “trying to hard” in his voice. This isn’t to big of a distraction.

The pacing of the movie was great as was the pacing of their relationship. The obstacles they faced as a couple were believable, unlike a Fast and Furious stunt. This film took me on a beautiful and unforgettable journey. The love felt real, the actions and consequences hurt but also relieved you. In the final moments of the film they confirm Mia and Sebastian are no longer together but that’s ok. Its ok because they give a glimpse as to what they’re life could’ve been. Sad not to see them together in the end, which was what they really wanted. Seeing them have their dreams was still satisfying.

   The film was enjoyable from beginning to end. The romance struck true and took you on an unforgettable ride. This is a film to remember and one for the collection.


         score   9.5/10






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