Portillos Lemon Cake IS Back

Portillos Lemon Cake

Lemon Cake
Portillos Lemon cake


Today I got an email from Portillos. And Jiminy Cricket I almost flew the coop. ( a slight Moonrise Kingdom (2012) reference for you ). The email stated that after 10 years restaurant chain will be bringing back the Lemon Cake.  The Portillos lemon cake is back!

First, if you’re Unaware of Portillos then that sucks. Its an American restaurant founded in 1963 that serves Chicago style food. What makes the chain extra unique is that each restaurant has its own theme. The themes range from the 20s to the 70s.

Food Includes a range of salads, hot dogs, ribs, pastas, burgers and beefs, just to name a few. Food also depends on the location. Not everything is available everywhere.  That was enough of a reason for me to check out a few of their locations.




This cake idea sounds amazing. Desserts already range from chocolate cake to soft serve but I had no idea that the lemon cake was a thing. One reddit user name BIGBEN2010 had a plea back in February, earlier this year to get a slice of lemon cake from Portillos. After tons of support BIGBEN2010 got his cake. This is the Video included with my email. Check it out.

from my email

I recall seeing this story and wishing I could have tasted what the big deal was about. And it’s happening! From June 13 – July 31 Portillos will have this cake available for purchase. What one person could get done with one question is amazing . One post sparked this idea and had a following. Now it’s a reality to anyone who loved it and to anyone, like me who’s curiousity was sparked based on his post. Finally, if you’ve been waiting 10 Years or ten minutes.

Portillos Locations

Portillos can be found in Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.  So if you’re in American, I hope it won’t be too tough to find one and try it!  If you get around to it, let me know what you think! send in a comment. If you’re here for the first time check me out!

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Water Wipes Review

Water Wipes Review

water wipes review

I received this sample of Water wipes in the mail. It was a free sample that I had received through Influenster. If you’re unaware of Influenster is then youre missing out! It’s a completely free community of people that test products, gives out reviews of things they absolutely love and all the reasons why they hate a particular product that ranges from tech to beauty to food. One Major benefit is that you are the ability to get free samples. I was lucky enough to receive the waterwipes voxbox (that’s what the cool free sample boxes are called; Voxbox)


What are they?

Water wipe are wipes said to be 100% chemical free. Saying something is a weird statement. I don’t know what isn’t made out of chemicals. I think it really just refers to preservatives. It is made out of 0.1% grapefruit seed extract and 99.9% water.


The Review

They smell very similar to the Pampers wipes. It has that mildly familiar unscented smell that many things have.

They indeed are wet. All you have to do is just flip and squeeze the package around and its suppose redistribute the water, which is ok I guess.

When I received these wipes. I was presented with the perfect opportunity to use them on a rough baby bottom. Lore sometimes is a little sensitive and I was able to use these with ease, which is a HUGE plus.

Like with I’m pretty sure all things, they have an expiration date and you also have to use the within 4 weeks of opening them. If you have little ones then this is very do able.


The Price

I looked up the price of the water wipes and it’s kind of expensive. Walmart.com has them for $23.72 for a box of 9. which contains 60 wipes in each package.



After a while I was considerably less impressed with the wipes. I don’t think I would pay the price for them in real life. I really like the idea that they only contain two ingridents. The expiration date from opening isn’t hard because I would use them every day. The wipe count is kind of an ok number. Many contain a range of 50-64 wipes or possibly less so it’s not a big deal. It did prove itself on my baby for being sensitive to skin, which is actually a big plus.


What do you think? Would you get these? Is “chemical free” something you’re trying to do more in your life? Was this review helpful?



Mother’s Day 2017

Mother’s day wish list 2017

Mothers's day

Some Background

This will be my 5th official Mother’s Day. It’s exciting in so many ways because this means I was able to share another year of motherhood with my girls. It also kind of sucks because they have no clue that it means I get presents from them. Last year Viv got me a bag full of candy that she didn’t mind if I shared.. with her… since they were all her favorites. Lore is still too small to care if she gets me anything or not so as far as gifts, if I’m being blunt would kind of suck if they had to choose.

As far as gifts go, I think im pretty easy. I want what I want and I don’t want money being spent on something I don’t want. Simple right? Of course this is really geared towards my husband ( Christopher, my only husband, Yes I’m talking to you) since he has final say for the next 11-14 years anyway.

I am very aware that’s its not about the presents. Much like Christmas its just about the love and the togetherness. And I shouldn’t focus so much on materialist items. With that being said. Here is a suggestive list that I or any mother probably would like this Mother’s Day 2017.

The List


    1. We start off with the Apple watch. I am very into Apple products. I have had many and with how very busy I have been doing mom things. This would help. At least that’s what I keep pushing for. It monitors your health, lets you stay connected, answers calls and keeps you notified, much like your phone would. I like that these come in a silicone band and if I ever go back to the gym, I feel like I wouldn’t need to worry because its water resistant as well.

  1. I wouldn’t be the cinephile that I am if I didn’t inclued at least one movie in any wish list.   Kicks (2016) This movie is about a 15 year old boy whose dream is to have Jordans. Through some hard work he is able to get his first pair. Soon after they get stolen and he goes on a dangerous mission through Oakland to get them back. To me this is about working for your dreams and stopping at nothing to protect them. Sure its just about shoes, but not to this kid. I like the dertermerination. This movie wasn’t very popular and it makes me want it even more because I loved seeing it on the silver screen.
  2. Melanie CaseyI have a slight obession with rings. I have a board on pintrest and was even considering on taking a class to learn about all the different stones. Now with this slight obession, I don’t have any rings to really wear. At MelanieCasey.com there is a gourgous variety. I was able to have a quick email with MC and even with me thinking my email was silly, it was handled very nicely. This is pretty cool and they do work that is very unique so there is a HUGE chance someone else won’t be wearing the same thing. LOVE. There is also a array of necklaces, earring and bracelets that you can choose from depending on what you’re feeling.

    1. This one is pretty cool. I just found out about this earlier this week and I love it. This wouldn’t be a bad Mother’s day if I got it. This is the watch that has the best of both worlds. It has an analog face with smart watch capabilities. I personally think it’s a little better for professonal settings. It’s very discreet and doesn’t attack you tons of notifications. This could be great for the mom that isnt the hugest on tech where all the capabilities of having so much to utilize would be useless.

  1. Possibly last but not least. I would love socks. I don’t know why anyway would complain about socks. All those kids that complain that during the holidays that they got socks. I LOVE SOCKS. I never seem to be able to find a pair quick enough and socks are a nessecity. If its cute then even better. Who doesn’t love cute socks?
  2. If all else fails then buy food. Who doesn’t love food? Grab a steak or a Salad or pasta. Which all sounds great right about now. I am someone to loves to eat. This way, you don’t have to pick something that sucks that us mom would have to pretend to love for several years until some unfortunate accident should occur over the garbage disposal.

Here we go


Once again I will stress that its just about the love that this day brings. Its one marking of the year that I get to say that I can spend with my girls and husband. Of course I know that I SHOULD be happy if I get anything because some people don’t get anything.


I hope this list finds you well.  It’s kind of late and this would really be last minute shopping. I also hope that this list can kind of help the mom that doesn’t really seem to like much of anything.


For newer moms, don’t forget that it’s not just your mom’s day anymore. This is yours too. So enjoy it. It took me years to realize that I am a mom and that I have a day. Not that I don’t love my mom and try extreamly hard to find something that she would love… or actually use… or actually show off. I guess i’ll start to look into some cool food places.


What kind of things are on your list? Whats something you’re considering for that special mom, or mom’s in your life? What can be added to the list for next year? Do you have any Mother’s day gift fails? Any favorites? Add some comments. I for one am super curious. Have Fun this Mother’s Day!

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What My Kids Say

What My Kids Say

I am thinking of making a section of just what my kids. although they both aren’t super on the sentences; I am already getting some sassy comments. Other times they are very beautiful, some have been hurtful and plenty of them have been hilarious.  But of course they are because they are my babies.  I feel like this a prefect time to get this going since Mexican Mothers day ( I’m pretty sure its always May 10th since like 1922) and Mother’s day In the US is May 14th.

Maybe this can be a thing and there can be a submission point because I know my kids aren’t the only ones with a mouth.

Here is one example that inspired this post to begin with.

shiny face
why is it so shiny?
Fancy Mommy
She said Im fancy.

My Kid made me feel amazing. Why are they extra sweet when they want to be? She is actually a very sweet kid.

I think my 20 month old actually chimed in with an Awe which is really great too. I am very worried the little one will be a little more mean when she can put more words together. That will be for a future post.

What do you think? what is something your kids have said? should this be a thing?  Let me know what you think. I will be posting a few things this week in honor of Mother’s day being soon.  Please stay tuned.  If you’re new here then check out my Page and hope you come back.

La La Land (2016) Review

La La Land


My husband has been waiting for this day sinceRogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) came out on April.  2016 was a big movie year for us as we had several movies last year  and the only one he was extremely excited about buying was La La Land. even as I type this, he is playing “City Of Stars”

There is so many things to like about this but I don’t think I liked it quite as much as he did. **** He does give a lot away in his review but I don’t think it can really compare to actually watching it.  There is some spoilers, so read with discretion.

this does contain affiliate links, but  I either already own or will own these products and   I wouldn't suggest something that i wouldn't think was absolutely great.

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La La Land (2016)

La La Land (2016)

“City of Stars”


La La Land is about a jazz pianist falls for an aspiring actress in L.A. It’s Their love is tested through failure and success. Fighting for their love while trying to reach and not lose sight of their dreams. Trying not to lose each other.

The Review

When I first saw the trailer for this film I was instantly excited. Personally I’m not a fan of musicals but I am a fan of romance. The opening number wasn’t bad, it felt a bit to long. I also felt the missing presence of Emma and Ryan didn’t let the song reach its full potential.

The next number we find Mia (Emma Stone) right at the center. This song really sets up who her character is and sets up her personality for us. For an actress she had a pretty good voice. It wasn’t a singers voice but it was still impressive.

We finally get to meet Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) and we meet him struggling.  One instance is we see him get fired from his job, on Christmas. He was fired for playing an original piece, which turns out to be his and Mia’s theme song.

The piece is beautiful and captivating. This scene really sets up Sebastian’s struggle, its vital to the rest of the film and to the characters relationship. We see Sebastian sing solo on “City of Stars”. The song itself was great and I catch myself listening to it from time to time. Ryan’s singing isn’t too great. You can hear the “trying to hard” in his voice. This isn’t to big of a distraction.

The pacing of the movie was great as was the pacing of their relationship. The obstacles they faced as a couple were believable, unlike a Fast and Furious stunt. This film took me on a beautiful and unforgettable journey. The love felt real, the actions and consequences hurt but also relieved you. In the final moments of the film they confirm Mia and Sebastian are no longer together but that’s ok. Its ok because they give a glimpse as to what they’re life could’ve been. Sad not to see them together in the end, which was what they really wanted. Seeing them have their dreams was still satisfying.

   The film was enjoyable from beginning to end. The romance struck true and took you on an unforgettable ride. This is a film to remember and one for the collection.


         score   9.5/10






Make Money While You ShopKick


Make Money Shopping
Make Money while you shop

*  With ShopKick  I do get a tiny something for referrals. I would not promote something I didn’t think was absolutely awesome.


Lets just jump right into it. I am such a fan of ShopKick! It’s a mobile that allows you to earn points towards various types of rewards.


The way it ShopKick works


  • You earn kicks by walking in to select stores with app running
  • Scan select items for different amounts of kicks
  • Buying advertised products followed by picture of your receipt
  • Kicks for dollars spent at select stores
  • Sometimes there’s bonus kicks for scanning items of a certain brand
  • Watching commercials in app for products earns kicks


Walk-in kicks are the easiest to obtain. You have to have the app open while walking into stores. Some of these stores include Target, Wal-Mart, and Best Buy just to name a few. Not all stores have walk-in kicks. If you’re feeling lazy have someone with you so they can get out of the car. Please don’t abandon your car for kicks!!!


Scanning for kicks is available in most of the stores advertised in the app. My husband and I have tons of fun going around the store trying to find all the items to scan. It’s kind of like a scavenger hunt. Sometimes you can find everything but there are times where you can only get a few items.


Several stores give you kicks that depend on how much you spend. They don’t have to necessarily be the items that you scanned for. It can be anything.

Potentially, you can get 1-5 kicks per dollar spent. This is an easy way to rack up kicks. For example, my husband bought a new desktop from BestBuy and it was 5 kicks per dollar that day, the total was about $600. That was an easy 3000 points!


Receipt purchases are called KickBate. Scan your receipt that have certain items listed in the app. It will take a few days for processing. Please make sure your receipt can be read clearly, otherwise there is no point.

Redeeming kicks


Lastly, after you have met your goal, which you can see by your tracker, you can get your ideal reward. I had just redeemed my reward of 25 dollars (6,250 kicks) at Best Buy.

  • Most of these items are redeemed through your app. A few items would be sent to you. Such items include like a Gas card or a Tiffany’s gift card (yes, that Tiffany’s)


I still can’t enough about how much I love this app. It is so fun!Download the app today and get $2 to get started.



Don’t Forget to Love Yourself Too

Love Yourselflove picture quote

It’s Valentines Day.  Whether or not you have that one specific person to celebrate with, you should remember to Love Yourself too.

 Your perspective on yourself can effect your perspective on everything around you. You can’t achieve your goals or even set them if you don’t feel it for yourself.

It truly starts with you. How can you be all the things you would want for someone else if you yourself don’t have them. Loving yourself gives you the building blocks of loving others.

Be the support you need. Be the person who cheers you on. Be the person that loves to look in the mirror. Your opinion matters most and everyone else is secondary. Whether or not you are in that perfect relationship with someone else. make sure that you’re in that perfect relationship with yourself too. If, right now you’re not feeling 100% about yourself, think you’re feeling that way. See what you can change. You would be surprised at what happens next.

That person the mirror is amazing. That person can handle anything. You can do anything. You are important. You deserve love.  You matter. You are strong. You are worth it.

If you aren’t saying any of these things on a regular then change that. Start saying these things. Believe these words.

It’s not wrong to feel good about yourself. People like people who have a positive outlook on themselves.

When was the last time you were with one who you could just tell hated themselves? was it a fun time? was there lots on sighs or just overall bad comments?  Who wants to be that person? Be the person people want to spend time with.  We all have those days that suck and sometimes it will be hard. Just remember everything that we talked about.

How do you show yourself you love you? list some tips; make a suggestion in the comments.


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